District News:

  • Tree orders have been placed. Get ready for Spring Planting
  • New Carter County Conservation District Administrator Stephanie Carroll
  • No CCCD Meeting in April
  • Next Scheduled Meeting; May 5th @ 1:30 --USDA Building



Montana Range Day Winners:


Illustrated Talk

  • 1st Place:  John Powers--Wheatland Co. FFA
  • 2nd Place:  Zach Wright--Wheatland Co. FFA
  • 3rd Place:  Jean Blackman--Cascade FFA


2014 MRD Awards (click)

2014 Range Days Awards final.xlsx

MRD Contest Keys

MRD Ranking for 2014



Harold and Lillian Jensen Scholarship ($1,000)

Andrew Gould--Ulm, MT


Sitz Scholarship ($1,000)

Cody Rogers, Park City, MT


Montana Range Day Scholarship ($1,000)

Brandon Gould, Ulm, MT



Hall of Fame Award

Winner:  Larry Holzworth


      Carter County Conservation District